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Discover How Many Types of Strawberries Are There in Brazil

Did you know that there are several types of strawberry found in Brazil? In this section, I'll introduce you to the diversity of strawberries we have in our country and we'll find out how many types there are.

The strawberry is a very versatile fruit, used in desserts, jams, juices and even savory dishes. With its vibrant color and sweet and tart flavor, it's hard to resist this delight.

In Brazil, we have several varieties of strawberries, from the most cultivated to the wild ones that grow naturally in uncultivated areas. It's important to get to know each of them in order to choose which one to use in your recipes and to enjoy their unique flavors.

Main Conclusions

  • Brazil has several varieties of strawberries
  • It's important to know each type in order to choose the best option
  • Strawberries are a versatile and delicious fruit
  • There are cultivated and wild strawberries
  • We'll find out how many types of strawberry there are in Brazil

Strawberry Varieties

Strawberries are a delicious and versatile fruit, with a wide variety of types and species. Below, I'll introduce you to the main ones strawberry varieties found in Brazil and their distinct characteristics.

Types of Strawberries

There are basically two types of strawberries:

  • Traditional strawberries
  • Wild strawberries

Traditional strawberries are the most common at fairs and supermarkets. They are larger, sweeter and have a soft texture. Wild strawberries, on the other hand, are smaller and more acidic. They grow naturally in uncultivated areas, such as forests and mountains.

Main Strawberry Species

Strawberries are also classified according to their species. Below, I'll list some of the main ones strawberry species:

Fragaria x ananassamost common strawberries; smooth texture and remarkable aroma
Fragaria chiloensiswild strawberry from South America; tart flavor and firm texture
Fragaria vescaknown as wild strawberry; small size and sweet aroma
Fragaria moschatawild strawberry native to Europe; sweet taste and firm texture

In addition to these species, there are others strawberry varietiesThese include the white strawberry, known for its light color and milder taste, and the green strawberry, which is picked before it ripens and has a slightly acidic taste.

Fun fact: The strawberry is not considered a fruit, but a pseudo-fruit. This is because the edible part of the strawberry is the floral receptacle and not the ovary, as is the case with other fruits.

Now that you know more about the strawberry varietiesYou can choose your favorite and enjoy all its health benefits.

Types of Strawberry

There are different types of strawberry used to grow strawberries in Brazil. Each type of strawberry has its own particularities, and the right choice is necessary to guarantee the quality and productivity of the strawberries.

One of the most common types of strawberry is the fragaria vescawhich has smaller and tastier strawberries compared to other species. The fragaria ananassa is a type of hybrid strawberry, developed by crossing different species, which has larger and redder strawberries.

Another type of strawberry that is widely used is the fragaria x ananassaThis is a hybrid variety that is better adapted to Brazil's climate, resistant to disease and highly productive. There are also strawberry varieties of the type fragaria virginianaThey are well known for their good nutritional quality.

types of strawberry

In the table below, we can see a comparison between the different types of strawberry used in Brazil:

Type of StrawberryCharacteristics
fragaria vescaSmaller, tastier strawberries
fragaria ananassaBigger, redder strawberries
fragaria x ananassaHybrid variety adapted to Brazil's climate, resistant to diseases and with high productivity
fragaria virginianaGood nutritional quality

With the knowledge of the different types of strawberryIn this way, you can choose the one that best suits the growing conditions and needs of each grower, ensuring the production of healthy and tasty strawberries.

Strawberry Hybrid

It is a great snack or breakfast option that is packed with nutrients and will help satisfy your hunger. Plus, it’s easy to make and can be customized to your liking. hybrid strawberry is a variety that arises from the crossing of different strawberry species. This crossing technique produces a plant that is more resistant to diseases, pests and adverse weather conditions, as well as having better physical characteristics, such as size, color and taste. This variety is widely grown in Brazil and is one of the most popular.

One of the main characteristics of hybrid strawberry is its durability after harvest and can be transported over long distances without losing its quality. In addition, this variety has a sweeter flavor and is ideal for fresh consumption, in the production of jams and jellies.

The table below shows some of the main varieties of hybrid strawberry cultivated in Brazil:

AlbionMedium-sized fruit with a sweet taste and a light red color.
CamarosaLarge fruit with a mild, sweet flavor, dark red color and firm flesh.
CandongaMedium-sized fruit with a sweet taste and a dark red color.
DoverMedium-sized fruit with a sweet taste and a bright red color.

The hybrid strawberry is an excellent option for those who want to grow strawberries at home, as it is highly adaptable to different climatic conditions and easier to maintain compared to other varieties. If you want to experience the taste and benefits of the hybrid strawberry, you can easily find it at fairs, supermarkets and other food outlets. Enjoy!

Strawberry Hybrid

Wild strawberry

It is a great snack or breakfast option that is packed with nutrients and will help satisfy your hunger. Plus, it’s easy to make and can be customized to your liking. wild strawberry is a unique variety of strawberry that grows naturally in uncultivated areas. It is smaller than the traditional strawberry and has a more intense flavor.

Generally, the wild strawberry is harvested directly from the plant and is considered a nutritionally dense food, as it is rich in vitamin C, fiber and natural antioxidants.

Unlike cultivated strawberriesWild strawberries have a shorter shelf life and are harder to find in large quantities, making them a real delicacy for strawberry lovers.

In addition, wild strawberries are often used in alternative medicine to help with a variety of health conditions, such as preventing cancer and improving heart health.

Curiosities about the Wild Strawberry

  • The wild strawberry grows all over the world, but is most common in North America and Europe.
  • This variety of strawberry can be eaten fresh or used as an ingredient in dessert recipes and drinks.
  • Wild strawberries are one of the favorite fruits of bears, squirrels and other wild animals.

"The taste of wild strawberries is incredible! It tastes sweeter and juicier than the cultivated strawberries.”

Cultivated strawberries

In Brazil, there are several varieties of cultivated strawberriesThis fruit is one of the country's main agricultural products. Strawberries are grown in different regions with suitable climates and soils for their development.

Among the strawberry varieties grown, the following stand out:

AlbionLarge size, sweet taste and intense aroma.
Camino RealFirm and tasty fruit, ideal for fresh consumption.
CamarosaMedium-sized fruit with a bright red color and a sweet taste.

In addition to these, there are other varieties of cultivated strawberry, each with its own particularities and nutritional benefits.

Cultivated strawberries are produced on a large scale in Brazil and exported to other countries such as the United States, Germany and Japan. They are grown on raised beds to avoid direct contact between the fruit and the soil.

The cultivated strawberry is rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants, making it a great option to include in your diet.

Get to know the different types of strawberries cultivated is important to understand its characteristics and nutritional benefits, in addition to valuing Brazil's agricultural diversity.

Strawberries of the World

Strawberries are found all over the world, and each country has its most popular varieties and types. Below I list some of the most popular types of strawberries in different parts of the world:


The most widely grown strawberries in the United States are the 'Chandler' and 'Camarosa' varieties. Both are known for their large fruits and sweet flavor.


Japan is famous for its 'Hikawa' strawberry, which is known to be the sweetest strawberry in the world. Another popular variety is 'Tochiotome', which has a strong, sweet flavor.


In Spain, the 'Fresa de Huelva' strawberry is very popular. This variety has a sweet flavor and is known for its juicy texture.


Mexico is the largest producer of strawberries of the world and the 'Festival' variety is the most cultivated in the country. It is known for having a sweet and juicy flavor.

With all these different types available, it's easy to see why strawberries are one of the most popular fruits around the world. And no matter what type of strawberry you choose, you'll always have a delicious and healthy fruit option to enjoy!


Throughout this article, we explore the variety of types of strawberries found in Brazil, from the different varieties to the cultivation and characteristics of each one. I hope it was an informative experience and that you learned more about the diversity of this delicious fruit.

Strawberries are an incredibly versatile and nutritious fruit. They contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can help improve overall health. Furthermore, the sweet and juicy flavor makes them a popular dessert around the world.

So there's no excuse not to enjoy the flavors and benefits of strawberries. Try different varieties, from hybrid strawberries to wild strawberries, and find out which one is your favorite. And if you have enough space in your garden, why not grow your own strawberries? It's a rewarding process and can ensure you have a constant supply of fresh fruit at home.

In summary, strawberries are a delicious and nutritious fruit that offers a variety of health benefits. With the diversity of types of strawberries available in Brazil and around the world, there is an option for all tastes. So try, enjoy and reap the benefits of this delicious fruit!


How many types of strawberries are there in Brazil?

In Brazil, there are approximately 30 different types of strawberries.

What are the strawberry varieties found in Brazil?

The main strawberry varieties found in Brazil are: Morango Camarosa, Morango Oso Grande, Morango Albion and Morango Festival.

What is a strawberry plant?

A strawberry plant is the plant that produces strawberries. There are several types of strawberry plants used in strawberry cultivation in Brazil.

What is a hybrid strawberry?

A hybrid strawberry is a variety developed by crossing different strawberry species. These varieties are bred for specific traits, such as disease resistance or fruit size.

What is a wild strawberry?

A wild strawberry is a variety that grows naturally in uncultivated areas. These strawberries generally have a more intense flavor and are smaller in size.

How are strawberries grown in Brazil?

Strawberries are grown in Brazil in different cultivation systems, such as in greenhouses or open fields. There are several techniques used to ensure the healthy growth of strawberries.

What are the most popular types of strawberries in the world?

Some of types of strawberries The most popular ones found around the world are: Strawberry Sweet Charlie, Strawberry Chandler, Strawberry Seascape and Strawberry Jewel.