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I'm going to talk a little about myself and the project “A Cozinha da Vê”.

My name is Verônica Ribeiro, I'm Brazilian and I've been cooking delicious food for many years (as I'm told lol).

My family and many friends have always loved my food, sweets, snacks and more. 10 years ago I married my husband, who is Portuguese, and I went to live in Portugal.

So, after ten years in Portugal I decided to create a site and a Youtube home recipe channel where I show you step by step how to create Luso-brazilian and other recipes, which I'm sure you will like.

I have always loved cooking and above all creating recipes, namely changing classic recipes according to my sensory senses and thus offering something quite different.

As a general rule, the result is very positive, both in terms of feedback from family, friends, as well as the community that grows day by day.

In addition, I also have the contribution of my husband Paulo, in a section where we help new creators of cooking youtube channels to grow in an uncomplicated way.

Check out the promotional video for Cozinha da Vê

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