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The website Cozinhadave.com is an affiliate of some companies in its business niche, this is one of the ways we find to support our work on an ongoing basis and improve the quality of the content we offer on our website, as well as on our Youtube channel.

Affiliate links work as follows, whenever a website visitor clicks on the link they are redirected to the affiliate website (for example Amazon.com.br) and on the website whenever they buy an item, Cozinhadave.com You will receive a small commission on the sale of this item(s), without the buyer being harmed in terms of the amount to be paid, as he will always pay the normal amount, or even lower amounts when there are exclusive promotions.

Additionally, we inform you that Cozinhadave.com participates in the Amazon associates program, an intermediary service between amazon and customers, which remunerates the inclusion of links to the Amazon website and affiliated websites.

Last revised on 01/23/2021